November 07, 2017
Brynne Sorrell

Wingstop Germantown, MD

We are excited to celebrate our continued growth with another Wingstop earlier this year, in Germantown, MD that opened on July 12, 2017. Many team members worked tirelessly to prepare and open this great new location led by General Manager Mark Morgan.

Mark has been with Sizzling Platter for a few months and has been a strong member of the team. We know that he will do a fantastic job with his new store. We asked Mark to tell us about his path to success, and here’s what he shared.

Mark, tell us about your role as a GM…Where did you first begin your leadership role? As the GM of the Germantown, MD Store, I feel my role is to coach our team about how to implement the 3G’s into their work, and into their professional and personal lives.  I personally feel, that if we focus on doing the right things, and making sure our guest are happy, we achieve more.  I also feel that working on this takes a team approach.  We all must have the same vision. I first began my leadership role with Sizzling Platter/Wing Stop in Rockville, MD.  Before that, I enjoyed a long and successful career as a lobbyist and political fundraiser. What advice would you give to aspiring leaders? My advice to aspiring leaders would be to have patience and be open to criticism and coaching.  It’s hard to lead, but sometimes harder to listen.  I’ve always believed that to be an effective leader, you much surround yourself with people who share your vision, and have the same passion as you do.  I take this approach to our team in the store.  I try to encourage my team to see why our culture is so important to our growth and success.  I also try to promote personal growth, but showing team members how they can be leaders and what to focus on to become positive role models. What is your favorite part of being a leader with us? I think my favorite part is the open environment.  I’ve made so many mistakes in my short time with Sizzling Platter, but with each mistake I’ve learned so much.  In addition, I have a leadership team (Sean, Chris, Chad) that have allowed me to make mistakes, and help me to correct them, without being overly critical or judgmental.  This is the 3G culture at work in my opinion.  This company breeds honesty, it allows us to grow and develop by simply doing the right thing. I also like the fact that we’re a team, and look at our teams like family.  We strive to lift each other up, encourage, coach and develop. By the way… what’s your favorite item on the Wingstop menu? By far the potato salad and rolls (of course with the Louisiana Rub Classic Wings).

Thanks Mark for all your hard work and commitment to excellence!

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