January 05, 2018
Brynne Sorrell

Little Caesars Haines City

Sizzling Platter continues to rapidly grow in 2017 as we introduce another Little Caesars earlier this year, in Haines City, FL led by General Manager Ana Contreras.

Ana has been with Sizzling Platter for a few years and has been a strong member of the team. She will do a fantastic job with her new store. We asked Ana to tell us about her path to success, and here’s what she shared.

Ana, tell us about your role as a GM…Where did you first begin your leadership role? I was fortunate enough to start as a GM for a new store. Both my team and I started this journey together. They were all new employees and I was a new GM. As time goes by we learn different things together and from each other to make our store better everyday. I started as an Assistant Manager at store #624 the Poinciana store. I learned most of what I know there.  This is a high volume store so that helped me a lot. What advice would you give to aspiring leaders? Love and enjoy what you do ALWAYS and you will succeed on anything you set your mind to. What is your favorite part of being a leader with us? Being able to help all the future leaders is what I enjoy the most about being a leader. By the way… what’s your favorite  item on the Little Caesars menu? I love the Italian Cheese Bread with Cheesy Jalapeño Dip. That is the best.

Thanks Ana for all your hard work and commitment to excellence!