January 05, 2018
Brynne Sorrell

Sizzling Platter has been rapidly growing and we are pleased to announce the opening of another Little Caesars earlier this year, in Palm River, FL that opened on September 13, 2017 led by General Manager Bill Youngblood.

Bill has been with Sizzling Platter for a few years and has been a strong member of the team. He will do a fantastic job with his new store. We asked Bill to tell us about his path to success, and here’s what he shared.

Bill, tell us about your role as a GM…Where did you first begin your leadership role? I first started out in management with Wendy’s in 1983 worked with that brand for about 10 years. Also worked with Bojangles, Popeyes, and Burger King as a General manager and worked for a full service restaurant for 3 years (Lizards Thicket) in Columbia S.C..I’ve been with the Little Caesars brand for 13 years. What advice would you give to aspiring leaders? As a G.M. I try to keep it fun at work, listen to my management team and crew and make sure they know I’m there for them. The most important thing to share with others is to keep it fun make sure you and your crew enjoy the job. What is your favorite part of being a leader with us? I really like to develop people into managers and help them in any way I can. By the way… what’s your favorite  item on the Little Caesars menu? Right now one of the best things I like on are menu are the Cinnamon Bites, however the garlic parmesan Wings are always good too.

Thanks Bill for all your hard work and commitment to excellence!